How to Install Current version: 5.27

Download by architecture

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Batocera.linux for PC

Old Desktop/Laptop

Standard Desktop/Laptop

All Apple Desktop/Laptop

All Intel NUC

Batocera.linux for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 0 W/WH

Raspberry Pi A/A+

Raspberry Pi B/B+

Raspberry Pi 2 B

Raspberry Pi 3 A+

Raspberry Pi 3 B/B+

Raspberry Pi CM3/CM3+

Raspberry Pi 4 B

GPi Case

Batocera.linux for Odroid

Odroid C2

Odroid XU3/XU4/XU4Q

Odroid N2

Odroid N2+

Odroid Go Advance

Batocera.linux for Rockchip Boards

Asus Tinkerboard


MQmaker MiQi


Batocera.linux for other Boards

Amlogic S905/S905x

Libretech H5

Khadas VIM3